Book Smart: Business Strategy Books for Everyone in the Workplace

From aspiring entrepreneurs to managers without a cause, every person in the workplace could use a little encouragement every once in a while. We’ve gathered our list of the best books for whatever stage you’re in, whether you’re down on your luck or just getting started. Read on for our top recommendations to satisfy your inner bookworm.

For the rising leader:

Do you wake up every morning feeling powerful and ready to kick life’s butt? Yeah…we don’t either. But that’s okay! That’s what our first book rec is here for. Brave Leadership is the book for anyone who needs a confidence boost. Author Kimberly Davis writes this guide to empower leaders (and aspiring ones) to unleash their full potential, embrace who they are, and powerfully connect with their teams. This collection of advice includes witty stories of Davis’s business endeavors as well as sociological evidence to crack the code on how to be a confident, purposeful, and—perhaps most of all—brave leader.

For the inspired:

Being successful doesn’t mean making millions of dollars while working a job you hate. In Big Potential, Shawn Anchor reveals how he thinks we can achieve happiness and success—news flash: you can have both! He writes how we are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with, and our own success isn’t limited to just our own personal qualities. Big Potential is the book for anyone inspired to seek better opportunities for themselves and others, because when we lift others up, we are uplifted, too. Check this one out for some inspiration throughout your day.

For the discouraged:

Let’s face it: option A isn’t always going to work out. And when it doesn’t, you should have an option B. If you’re feeling down on your luck and beat up by your day job—or if you’re going through a season of hurt and disappointment—then this is the book for you. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and prominent woman in tech, wrote Option B with co-author Adam Grant to offer their guidance and inspire readers to be resilient, confident, and hopeful during the trials and setbacks that can come with any life path. Option B includes personal anecdotes, career advice, and overall good thoughts for anyone in any stage of life.

For the manager:

Being a manager isn’t always a breeze, and good leaders know when to revamp their style. Radical Candor is the go-to guide for any manager who wants to learn how to balance caring for their team with challenging them to work harder and do better. And if that’s not enough to persuade you to read this book, check this out: the author, Kim Scott, held exec positions at both Google and Apple, and she knows how to build a strong team without feeling burnt out by the process. Radical Candor will help any boss foster positive relationships with their employees (and feel empowered doing it).

For the aspiring entrepreneur:

If you want to build your own business, then you need to Get Over Your Damn Self. Or at least, that’s what author Romi Neustadt says. Her book delivers hardcore, essential business advice without the fluff and nonsense that can often come with it. Neustadt writes for any aspiring entrepreneur who needs a change in direction and a change in mindset in order to get readers to buckle down and get the work done. You may be building a business from the ground up, and Neustadt will help you do it—the no-BS way.

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